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Welcome to Sterile Safe Solutions, your trusted partner in achieving decarbonization
and net-zero goals for large commercial, enterprise, and institutional buildings. We
specialize in providing consultancy services that promote energy efficiency and

Our unique approach, known as Net Zero Energy – Indoor Air Quality (NZE/IAQ℠),
targets one of the biggest contributors to emissions in the built environment: HVAC
systems. While we prioritize environmental concerns, we also place a strong emphasis
on the economic aspect, ensuring a balance between initial costs and long-term value.
We take into account factors like system durability and performance, as we believe that
a better-performing building is not only more environmentally friendly but also cost-

A building that performs better is built to last, operates more efficiently, and offers a
more comfortable environment for its occupants. Clients can often experience
significant improvements in energy efficiency, reduced emissions, and enhanced
occupant health, well-being, and productivity.

Discover how Sterile Safe Solutions consultancy can help you achieve your sustainability
goals, enhance your teams efforts, or identify key focus areas for future development in
your buildings. Let us guide you towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Lower CO2 emissions to limit global warming and climate change. Concept with manager hand




At Sterile Safe Solutions, our commitment to innovation and progress remains
unwavering. Our core mission is simple: to deliver the highest standard of Indoor Air
Quality (IAQ) for healthier environments.

Our journey began with a determination to create comprehensive, fully integrated
designs that can be seamlessly incorporated into existing buildings or new construction
projects. To fulfill our promise of delivering the healthiest IAQ possible, we dedicated
ourselves to extensive research and analysis of performance issues within the latest
HVAC components, safety protocols, and government regulations.

Along this path of exploration, we unearthed groundbreaking integrative technology
program designs. These designs not only enhance air filtration and ventilation but also
achieve significant reductions in energy consumption, water usage, chemical use, and
even contribute to achieving Net Zero Goals. These multifaceted benefits are all
achieved while upholding the highest standards of Indoor Air Quality, ensuring a
healthier and more sustainable future for all.

Our carefully curated packages of hardware and software offer a multitude of benefits
that include reduced Capital Expenditures (Cap-Ex), lowered Operational Expenditures
(Op-Ex), and decreased Maintenance Costs, all while enhancing overall efficiency within
any building structure.

In today's landscape of eco-efficient opportunities, seemingly opposing goals have
emerged: the need to achieve carbon-neutral efficiency alongside the imperative to
combat the spread of COVID-19 and emerging variants. Fortunately, our innovative
approach allows you to achieve both without compromising energy efficiency in the
pursuit of safer Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Our dedicated teams have developed a groundbreaking system that delivers an
unprecedented solution for pathogen filtration and ensures enhanced health and safety
in indoor environments. Furthermore, this cutting-edge technology also champions
mechanical engineering and HVAC eco-efficiencies, leading to substantial cost savings
in new construction and building upgrades.

At Sterile Safe Solutions, we have assembled a team comprising the most accomplished
manufacturers, engineers, and designers in the HVAC and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
industry globally. Let us partner with you to surpass your goals, reduce overhead, meet
eco-efficiency objectives, and create the safest indoor air quality possible.

Your success is our number one priority.

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