Indoor Air Quality FAQ's

  • What innovations have been created to combat viruses and bacteria for the COVID pandemic?

  • Is there a greener and more ecological way to create safer Indoor Air Quality?

  • Are there tools and technologies that can measure indoor air quality?

  • Are there ways to offset the capital expenditures for Indoor Air Quality systems?

  • How do we know if our HVAC system is being properly maintained during COVID and beyond?

  • Is there a way to meet CDC recommended filtration guidelines and not increase mechanical costs?

  • Are there systems that can operate standalone or simply retrofit into the existing systems we currently have?

Your Innovative Air Quality
Management Company

  • Reduce HVAC equipment costs

  • Lower building operating costs

  • Earn LEED and WELL points

  • Improve occupant health and productivity

Consulting Engineering

  • Improve indoor air quality

  • Install and maintain simply

  • Restore customer & employee confidence

  • Dramatically reduce carbon emissions

  • Accurately monitor air in real time

  • Prevention and preparedness

  • Easily integrated in any system

  • Reduce air quality health concerns

HVAC Upgrades

Indoor Air Quality