Indoor Air Quality FAQ's

  • What innovations have been created to combat viruses and bacteria for the COVID pandemic?

  • Is there a greener and more ecological way to create safer Indoor Air Quality?

  • Are there tools and technologies that can measure indoor air quality?

  • Are there ways to offset the capital expenditures for Indoor Air Quality systems?

  • How do we know if our HVAC system is being properly maintained during COVID and beyond?

  • Is there a way to meet CDC recommended filtration guidelines and not increase mechanical costs?

  • Are there systems that can operate standalone or simply retrofit into the existing systems we currently have?

Smart HVAC with Eco-Efficiencies 

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  • Reduce HVAC equipment costs

  • Lower building operating costs

  • Earn LEED and WELL points

  • Improve occupant health and productivity

Business Development

Cleaning Hospital Room
  • Improve indoor air quality

  • Install and maintain simply

  • Restore customer & employee confidence

  • Dramatically reduce carbon emissions

  • Accurately monitor air in real time

  • Prevention and preparedness

  • Easily integrated in any system

  • Reduce air quality health concerns

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Indoor Air Quality

Sterile Safe Solutions has continued to stay forward-looking. Our goal is simple: Provide the healthiest Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) possible.

Our focus was to find and provide holistic full-system integrated designs that organizations and industries can use with existing buildings and/or in new construction. To fulfill our promise to provide the healthiest Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) possible, we researched and analyzed performance issues in the latest HVAC components, safety protocols, and government regulations.

On our journey, we discovered that there are integrative technology platform designs that provide better air filtration and ventilation - but also use less energy consumption, less water usage, fewer chemicals, and reduce Green House Gases (GHG) and a host of other benefits while providing the highest Indoor Air Quality.

Some of the other benefits of our packages that have been assembled are:
Reduced Capital expenditures (Cap-Ex) reduced Operational Expenditures (Op-Ex), reduced maintenance costs, and more overall efficiency within any building structure.

Currently, what appears to be two opposing goals - meeting the mandates and demands to develop carbon-neutral efficiency while also trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and any new variants that may emerge - can now be achieved without sacrificing energy efficiency for better and safer IAQ.

Our teams have developed a system that will provide a much more thorough and unprecedented Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solution for pathogen filtration and greater health and safety for any indoor environment while achieving overall mechanical engineering and HVAC eco-efficiencies and cost reductions for any new or upgraded building.

We have assembled the top award-winning manufacturers, engineers, and designers in the HVAC and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) industry in the world.

Let us help you exceed your goals to reduce overhead, meet eco efficiency objectives and create the safest indoor air quality possible.